WM regional awards 2018

West Midlands Regional Awards 2018

The major prize winners are shewn here individually.

A complete set of pix from the ceremony is available as PDF downloads here 2018 awards pt1 and 2018 awards pt2

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A simple text list of all the winners: 2018 awards

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The cups L to R, PotY, CotY, CPotY

Cider Pub of the Year - Broomfield Tavern, Coventry

RFOs award

Pub of the Year, Fountain Inn, Leek

Club of the Year, Kinver Constitutional Club

Website of the Year

Magazine of the Year

Champion Beer of the WM, Fixed Wheel - Black Heath Stout

Images courtesy of Euan Antona ku.gro.armac.sdnaldimtsew@aidemlaicos()