Welcome to the West Midlands CAMRA region

The Region covers the majority of CAMRA Branches in Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands (metropolitan county) and Worcestershire. The six county flags form the banner on the top of our pages, shewn in the order noted. There are twenty-six branches and sub-branches in the region. NB some of the county flags have been changed. If you're interested more info County flags

Some of the West Midlands attendees at the 2019 members' weekend in our 'teal' shirts

The 2020 shirts are cerise (not pink, definitely not pink) but, of course, the 2020 members' weekend was cancelled for some reason. We hope to bring you a pic of attendees in their CERISE shirts in 2021. Ahhh - make that 2022 - WM members at Eastbourne members' weekend

Regional Mild Ale Trail 2022


Next Regional Day


Last regional day (50 years of CAMRA)

Sat 26th March, 12:00 at The Rose in Nuneaton. More info here: Regional Day, March 2022 and pix from the day !

Pub of the Year

Please see the attached memos concerning Pub-of-the-Year (PotY), Club-of-the-Year (CotY)and Cider Pub of the Year (CPotY) for 2022

PotY2022 CotY2022 CPotY2022

Learn & Discover

Learn & Discover

Regional Diary

Contains regional & national events plus major branch events such as beer festivals. Click here for the Regional Diary

Branches diary

Contains all the region's branch diaries in one combined calendar. Plan your branch visits here ! Click here for the combined Branches Diary

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